• Reception upon arrival

    A great welcome upon arrival for you and your family is available in order to receive useful information for your transportation to the place of stay and special details that concern your trip.

  • Translator

    In case you are not acquainted or familiar with the domestic language or English, we may provide a translator who will explain all the important details of your trip and assist you with all the necessary arrangements and communications.

  • Car rental

    All types of cars and vehicles are available in order to provide you complete freedom of transportation. You may choose anything among city cars, SUVs, family cars, 4X4, limo and sports cars.

  • Personal driver

    A personal driver that will take you anywhere, is available at all times. All the associated drivers are fully acquainted with the local beauties and the “must” places to visit.

  • Cleaning services (maid)

    Professional house cleaning services are available part-time or full-time at your place of stay.

  • Supplies

    Our company may provide your favorite foods or items, that will make you feel at home. Special suggestions are the domestic and traditional delicacies and products. Each destination offers its unique recipes and exclusive products.

  • Personal chef/cook

    Having heard many positive comments for the Greek “cuisine”, we may arrange a personal chef or cook that will prepare a variety of delicacies suited to your daily nutrition habits and desires. Feel free to ask for a traditional recipe with local products and enjoy the original Greek food experience.

  • Catering services

    If you decide to set a dinner for many persons, our expert catering services are available to take care of all the necessary arrangements. Choose among a buffet meal, finger food or waiting catering.

  • Child entertainer

    A moment of privacy for you and your senior company is always necessary and for this reason we may suggest a professional child entertainer, that will keep your children busy having fun, while you enjoy your holidays.

  • Tourist guide (excursions)

    A professional tourist guide, that will propose the most interesting places to visit, is always important during your holidays. Each destination has one of our equipped associates that will guide you through the local beauties and save you time and money.

  • Security

    In the unusual possibility that you may feel uncomfortable in terms of safety, our solution is the rental of expert security services at your place. Professional security services are available at your place of stay or even as an escort during your local visits.

  • Party organization

    Party! If you feel like “throwing” a party at your place, a variety of services like DJ, lights, loudspeakers and decoration is available. Feel free to ask about our top bar-tending and mixologist services if you wish to enjoy the perfect cocktail.

  • Sports activities

    Enjoying your calm holidays doesn’t mean that you cannot continue your regular sports activities. In this case our associates may provide a list of activities like off road walks, personal trainer, canoe, scuba diving etc. Our associates may provide tailor made activities that will raise your spirit.

  • Custom services

    Please contact us with your personal service request. We will be more than happy to assist you.