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Zakynthos is one of the seven islands of the Ionian sea and holds a proud position in the blue waters of western Greece. Also known as Zante, this island is famous for its warm people, local cuisine and the amazing Venetian architecture that will offer you a lovely stay and many other unforgettable experiences.


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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, located in the northern part of the country with a population that exceeds one million people. Thessaloniki is widely know for its important role throughout history as a multicultural, commercial and international center that connects Europe, Asia and Africa. With a history of over than 2,500 years, this city has a lot to offer and to show to its guests.


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Skiathos is the most popular island of the Sporades island complex in northern Greece and a perfect place that combines beautiful green scenery and crystal clear waters. Choose Skiathos as your holiday destination if you want to combine the natural plant life environment that leads to sandy beaches and the blue sea. Skiathos is the upcoming place to be in the Aegean Sea.

Santorini (Thira)

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Santorini is widely known as one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands of the world. It's ancient name is Thira and it is part of the island complex of Cyclades or Kyklades. Santorini has as its main attraction the incredible sunset view, the unique architecture and the amazing volcano.


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Rhodes or Rodos in Greek, is one of the biggest islands in Greece and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Being on the spotlight as a multicultural place since the medieval years, Rodos has many attractions to offer to its loyal visitors, from arts and culture to sports and nightlife.


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Pelion is probably the only place in Greece that combines both the mountain and the sea in an amazingly unique way. The beautiful mountain of Pelion leads directly to the crystal clear sea of the Pagasitikos gulf and produces a breath-taking result. (Photo by Michalis Pornalis)


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Naxos is one the largest islands of Greece and offers many different choices to its visitors. A calm island that is full of nature and culture, awaits travellers that love arts, nature and beautiful sandy beaches. Naxos also offers a great path that leads to its 4 neighbor islands of Koufonisia, Heraklia, Donoussa and Schinoussa.


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Mykonos is probably the most popular island of the Cyclades island complex in the Aegean sea and one of the most well-known summer destinations in the Mediterrannean sea. Also known as the “island of the winds”, Mykonos is an explicit example of the classic cycladic architecture and has been the inspiration of many photographers around the world.


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Kefalonia is one of the largest islands of Greece and one of the seven islands of the Ionian Sea. Its capital is Argostoli and some other famous by-the-sea villages are Fiskardo and Assos, famous for their traditional architecture. Kefalonia offers a variety of beautiful beaches and unique routes both for driving and hiking.


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People from Northern Greece say "There is nowhere like Halkidiki" and they are quite right. Only 50 minutes from Thessaloniki and Macedonia Airport, Halkidiki hosts crystal clear waters, emerald sand beaches, scenic forests, traditional villages and beautiful houses. A place that offers anything you can imagine for you, your family and your friends.


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Crete or Creta is the largest island in Greece and it is located at the Southern part of the country surrounded by the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Divided in 4 prefectures (Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi) this magnificent island offers its pure magic in its loving people, charming villages, sensual tastes and vivid images.


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Athens is the capital city of Greece with a great history both ancient and modern. In Athens someone can find many options in terms of food, culture and nightlife. Useful information can be found inside the local tourist guide that contain all the top information in order to arrange the perfect trip in the city that never sleeps.