About Us

“Philoxenia” (the act of friendship, generosity and courtesy to people that are far from home).

A greek word with an ancient history, with a unique meaning among all languages, that still defines the greek spirit in a land with a history of more than 2,500 years, full of senses and colors, given from the gods to the mortals. Blessed with this heritage, our company has the undisputed obligation of offering the beauty of the sun and the sea to its respected visitors who demand the best of accommodation and services. Carrying the combined experience of the construction and hotel business together, supported by studies in the field of Civil Engineering, we have high-lighted the blooming of tourism in one of the most gifted countries in the world and decided to offer our expert knowledge to anyone who wishes to live their myth in Greece.

For over 25 years our family has invested in house developments, hotels and all the services industry with immaculate success, which is now inherited to the next generation of professionals. Guided by this responsibility, we have selected the most beautiful and special beach-houses and villas that will accommodate your unforgettable holidays, while we exclusively attend upon your needs through a wide and well-organized network of associates.

Please dont hesitate to contact us anytime.